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May 2020

COVID-19 response in northwest Syria: innovation and community engagement in a complex conflict
By: Ekzayez A, Khalil M, Jasiem M, Saleh R, Alzoubi Z, Meagher K, Patel P. Journal: Journal of Public Health

May 2020

Coronavirus 2019 and Health Systems Affected by Protracted Conflict: The Case of Syria
By: Abbara A, Rayes D, Fahham O, Alhiraki OA, Khalil M, Alomar A, Tarakji A. Journal: IJID

May 2020

The Profile of Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) research in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region: Analyzing the NCD burden, research outputs and international research collaboration
By: Aggarwal, A., Patel, P., Lewison, G., Ekzayez, A., Coutts, A., Fouad, F. M., Shamieh, O., Giacaman, R., Kutluk, T., Khalek, R. A., Lawler, M., Boyle, P., Sarfati, D. & Sullivan, R. Journal: Plos

February 2020

Humanitarian catastrophe for civilians in northwest Syria
By: Abbara A, Rayes D, Khalil M, Kewara M, Tarakji A Journal: BMJ

February 2020

Health System Resilience in the Face of Crisis: Analysing the Challenges, Strategies and Capacities for UNRWA in Syria
By: Jamal Z, Alameddine M, Diaconu K, Lough G, Witter S, Ager A, Fouad F Journal: Health Policy Planning and Finance

January 2020

The Challenges of Tuberculosis Control in Protracted Conflict: The Case of Syria
By: Abbara A, Almalla M, AlMasri I, Alkabbani H, Karah N, El-Amin W, Rajan L, Rahhal I, Alabbas M, Sahloul Z, Tarakji A, Sparrow A Journal: IJID

August 2019

Overcoming obstacles along the pathway to integration for Syrian healthcare professionals in Germany
By: Abbara A, Rayes D, Omar M, Zakaria A, Shehadeh F, Raddatz H, Bottcher A, Tarakji A Journal: BMJ Global Health

July 2019

International Failure in Northwest Syria: Humanitarian Health Catastrophe Demands Actio
By: Orcutt M, Rayes R, Tarakji A, Katoub M, Spiegel P, Rubenstein L, Jabbour S, Alkhalil M, Alabbas M, Abbara A. Journal: Lancet

May 2019

Localisation and cross-border assistance to deliver humanitarian health services in North-West Syria: a qualitative inquiry for The Lancet-AUB Commission on Syria
By: Duclos D, Ekzayez A, Ghaddar F, Checchi F, Blanchet K. Journal: Conflict & Health

March 2019

Host country responses to non-communicable diseases amongst Syrian refugees: a review
By: Akik C, Ghattas H, Mesmar S, Rabkin M, El-Sadr W, Fouad F. Journal: Conflict & Health

December 2018

Considering Chronic Uncertainty Among Syrian Refugees Resettling in Europe
By: Cange CW, Brunell C, Acarturk C, Fouad F Journal: Lancet Public Health

August 2018

Qualitative Accounts From Syrian Health Professionals Regarding Violations of the Right to Health, Including the Use of Chemical Weapons, in Opposition-Held Syria
By: Footer K, Clouse E, Rayes D, Sahloul Z, Rubenstein L Journal: BMJ Open

March 2018

Systematic destruction of healthcare in Eastern Ghouta, Syria
By: Rayes D, Orcutt M, Abbara A, Maziak W. Journal: BMJ

April 2016

Communicable disease surveillance and control in the context of conflict and mass displacement in Syria
By: Ismail S, Abbara A, Collin SM, Orcutt M, Coutts A, Maziak W, Sahloul Z, Dar O, Corrah T, Fouad FM. Journal: IJID

January 2016

Mental Health among displaced Syrians: findings from the Syria Public Health Network. Journal: RSM

Lancet Commission on Syria Dr Fouad M Fouad from SPHN is a commissioner on The Lancet-American University of Beirut Commission on Syria: Health in Conflict. He has co-authored the first contribution of the commission which was published in the Lancet on the sixth anniversary of the Syrian conflict. This key paper explores the weaponisation of healthcare in Syria. here

Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy Diana Rayes of SPHN has become a non-resident fellow of Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy. See her profile and work here

Lancet Migration: Global Collaboration to Advance Migration Health Dr Miriam Orcutt of SPHN is the Executive Director. See more information here Migration and Health

The Syrian Refugees Task Force
Royal College of Psychiatrists