Recent Reports and Briefs

North West Syria: A Humanitarian Catastrophe

On 28th February 2020 we launched this policy brief in which we summarised the situation where a further escalation of violence since 1st December 2019 has driven more than 948,000 of 3.7 million people in the area from their homes; 81% are women and children. In this brief, we highlight key health and humanitarian issues and recommendations for action; the first recommendation is of course the cessation of violence as without this, civilians will continue to suffer under bombardment.

COVID-19 in Syria: Current situation and Policy Recommendations

In May 2020, we launched our policy report which summarises key aspects relating to COVID-19 in Syria, documenting existing, documenting existing vulnerabilities and proposing locally appropriate policy recommendations. This report has been developed by the Syria Public Health Network in close collaboration with Syrians working on the response inside Syria. Information and statistics are correct at time of publishing.

See also two complementary articles written by SPHN steering committee members:

COVID-19 response in northwest Syria: innovation and community engagement in a complex conflict
By: Ekzayez A, Khalil M, Jasiem M, Saleh R, Alzoubi Z, Meagher K, Patel P. Journal: Journal of Public Health

Coronavirus 2019 and Health Systems Affected by Protracted Conflict: The Case of Syria
By: Abbara A, Rayes D, Fahham O, Alhiraki OA, Khalil M, Alomar A, Tarakji A. Journal: IJID